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I need a ride
Information in this article was published on:
May 12th, 2016 by Carletta Hanks

Recently on a scheduled pickup in Gallatin county Renate a Rides Mass Transit Saline county driver came face to face with a potential rider. She sent me a text that said, “Carletta, I know we are not suppose to refuse anyone a ride.. however, I think I'm gonna need a bigger bus!” Renate said the mule was persistent and followed her around the bus when Ms. Chamberlain went to get on. Renate then walked around to the driver side of the bus and was ready to leave for the senior center. But, the mule had went to the front of the bus and put her nose on the hood. The mule stayed there and after a small wait the mule did move. We are sorry the mule couldn't ride

I need a ride

I need a ride

but for animals to ride the bus they need to be in a pet carrier.

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