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Hamilton County

Questions? Dial: Local: 618.375.7126
Toll Free: 877.667.6118
Fax: 618.375.7128
TTY Users Dial: 800.526.0844
Office Hours
Monday-Friday - 6:00am-6:00pm
Saturday - 7:00am-4:00pm
Sunday - Closed
Schedule is subject to change. Contact your local operation center for most current operating schedule. 24-Hour Advance Reservations is suggested. Same day requests may be possible if space permits, but is not guaranteed.

  • Routes deviate to pickup passengers, Times are Approximate
  • 1 Hour Residential Reservations - One hour advance notice is required for residential pick up. If when you call, the bus has left your designated region, you will be scheduled for the next hour pick up.
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Hamilton Local Route
Time Departs
Monday thru Friday
9:00am to 2:00pm  ** McLeansboro Residential
Route 1
Time Departs Time Arrives
Monday thru Friday
5:30am - McLeansboro 5:40am - Enfield
6:00am - McLeansboro 6:20am - Dahlgren
6:35am - Dahlgren 7:00am - Mt Vernon, IL
7:00am - Mt Vernon, IL 7:50am - McLeansboro
2:00pm - McLeansboro 2:20pm - Dahlgren
2:25pm - Dahlgren 3:00pm - Mt Vernon, IL
3:25pm - Mt Vernon, IL 4:00pm - McLeansboro
Route 5
Time Departs Time Arrives
Monday thru Friday
8:50am - McLeansboro 9:45am - Harrisburg
1:00pm - Harrisburg 2:00pm - McLeansboro
3:30pm - McLeansboro 4:30pm - Harrisburg
Route 6
Time Departs Time Arrives
Monday thru Thursday (Friday with reservation)
8:00am - Carmi 9:00am - McLeansboro
9:30am - McLeansboro 10:00am - Carmi
12:15pm - Carmi 1:00pm - McLeansboro
1:30pm - McLeansboro 2:15pm - Carmi
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