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Williamson County

Questions? Dial: Local: 618.993.1900
Toll Free: 877.743.3402
Fax: 618.993.2156
TTY Users Dial: 800.526.0844
Office Hours
Monday-Friday - 6:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday - Closed
Schedule is subject to change. Contact your local operation center for most current operating schedule. 24-Hour Advance Reservations is suggested. Same day requests may be possible if space permits, but is not guaranteed.

  • Routes deviate to pickup passengers, Times are Approximate
  • 1 Hour Residential Reservations - One hour advance notice is required for residential pick up. If when you call, the bus has left your designated region, you will be scheduled for the next hour pick up.
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08:00:00Herrin Hospital Marion Residential Mon-Fri    
08:20:00Herrin Kroger8:00- 18:0005:00:00Harrisburg Mon, Wed, Fri
09:00:00Herrin Hospital05:45:00Marion
09:20:00Herrin KrogerMarion Residential Saturday06:15:00Carbondale
10:00:00Herrin Hospital8:00- 17:0007:45:00Nashville
10:20:00Herrin KrogerMarion-JALC-Carbondale 09:00:00St. Louis
11:00:00Herrin Hospital7:05-7:15RMTD Park-and-Ride12:00:00St. Louis
11:20:00Herrin Kroger 07:30:00John A Logan13:15:00Nashville
12:00:00Herrin Hospital07:47:00Carbondale WalMart15:00:00Carbondale
12:20:00Herrin Kroger 07:51:00Dollar Tree15:30:00Marion
13:00:00Herrin Hospital07:53:00Party City 16:15:00Harrisburg
13:20:00Herrin Kroger 08:01:00Schnucks
14:00:00Herrin Hospital08:08:00SIU Student Center (East)05:30:00Marion
14:20:00Herrin Kroger08:18:00Amtrak 05:45:00
15:00:00Herrin Hospital08:23:00Wall St. & College St. 06:15:00Harrisburg
15:20:00Herrin Kroger08:28:00Field Apartments 06:45:00
16:00:00Herrin Hospital08:33:00University Mall (East)07:00:00Carrier Mills
16:20:00Herrin Kroger 08:48:00John A Logan07:30:00Marion
16:45:00Marion9:05-9:15RMTD Park-and-Ride 09:00:00
17:30:00 09:30:00John A Logan10:00:00Marion
18:00:00Herrin Hospital09:47:00Carbondale WalMart10:45:00
09:51:00Dollar Tree11:15:00Carrier Mills
06:00:00Marion09:53:00Party City 11:45:00Harrisburg
07:35:00Herrin10:08:00SIU Student Center (East)12:45:00Marion
08:15:00Carterville10:23:00Wall St. & College St.
08:45:0010:28:00Field Apartments06:45:00Harrisburg
09:00:00Marion10:33:00University Mall (East)07:30:00Marion
09:20:0010:48:00John A Logan12:15:00Harrisburg
09:35:00Herrin11:05:00RMTD Park-and-Ride13:15:00Marion
10:00:0011:15:00RMTD Park-and-Ride15:00:00Harrisburg
10:15:00Carterville11:30:00John A Logan16:00:00Marion
10:45:0011:47:00Carbondale WalMart
11:00:00Marion11:51:00Dollar Tree
11:00:00Marion11:53:00Party City
11:35:00Herrin12:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
12:15:00Carterville12:23:00Wall St. & College St.
12:45:00 12:28:00Field Apartments
13:00:00Marion12:33:00University Mall (East)
13:20:0012:48:00John A Logan
13:35:00Herrin13:05-13:15RMTD Park-and-Ride
14:00:0013:30:00John A Logan
14:15:00Carterville13:47:00Carbondale WalMart
14:45:0013:51:00Dollar Tree
15:00:00Marion13:53:00Party City
15:35:00Herrin14:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
16:15:00John A Logan14:23:00Wall St. & College St.
16:30:00Herrin 14:28:00Field Apartments
16:45:00Marion14:33:00University Mall (East)
17:15:0014:48:00John A Logan
15:05:00RMTD Park-and-Ride
07:30:00Johnston City15:15:00RMTD Park-and-Ride
08:00:00Marion15:30:00John A Logan
08:30:00Johnston City15:47:00Carbondale WalMart
09:00:00Marion 15:51:00Dollar Tree
09:30:00Johnston City 15:53:00Party City
10:30:00Johnston City16:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
11:30:00Johnston City16:23:00Wall St. & College St.
12:00:00Marion16:28:00Field Apartments
12:30:0016:33:00University Mall (East)
13:00:00Johnston City16:48:00John A Logan
13:30:00Marion17:05-17:15RMTD Park-and-Ride
17:30:00John A Logan
17:47:00Carbondale WalMart
17:51:00Dollar Tree
17:53:00Party City
18:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
Saturday Marion-Carbondale
11:15:00RMTD Park-and-Ride
11:30:00John A Logan
11:47:00Carbondale WalMart
11:51:00Dollar Tree
11:53:00Party City
12:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
12:23:00Wall St. & College St.
12:28:00Field Apartments
12:33:00University Mall (East)
12:48:00John A Logan
13:05-13:15RMTD Park-and-Ride
13:30:00John A Logan
13:47:00Carbondale WalMart
13:51:00Dollar Tree
13:53:00Party City
14:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
14:23:00Wall St. & College St.
14:28:00Field Apartments
14:33:00University Mall (East)
14:48:00John A Logan
15:05:00RMTD Park-and-Ride
15:15:00RMTD Park-and-Ride
15:30:00John A Logan
15:47:00Carbondale WalMart
15:51:00Dollar Tree
15:53:00Party City
16:08:00SIU Student Center (East)
16:23:00Wall St. & College St.
16:28:00Field Apartments
16:33:00University Mall (East)
16:48:00John A Logan
17:05:00RMTD Park-and-Ride


Please note effective Jan. 31, 2022, RMTD direct access to St. Louis from the Saline/Williamson county areas will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In addition, please see the newest route schedule for time adjustments for the Harrisburg-Marion schedule frequencies which will also go into effect on Jan. 31, 2022

Fares: Monthly Pass – 30-Day Unlimited on Scheduled Service
Adult Over 60 and/or disabled, or accompanied children (ages 6-10) - $15.00
Adult Under 60 - $30.00
Accompanied children under 6 years - Free

One Way Cash Fare
Harrisburg to Marion: $4.00
Harrisburg to Carbondale: $6.00

Marion to Harrisburg: $4.00
Marion to Carbondale: $4.00

Carbondale to Marion: $4.00
Carbondale to Harrisburg: $6.00

* 24 Hour Advanced Reservations are suggested, to reserve a seat call 1 (877) 667-6119. Routes deviate to pickup passengers, times are approximate.


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