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Marion Fixed Route and John A. Logan College Access Information

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Rides Mass Transit District's new Marion fixed route Wildcat service will have stops every 30 minutes at the following locations; the RMTD Park-and-Ride, Lamar High Rise, The Hub, Sherman Apartments, Boyton Community Center, along with near the Marion Carnegie Library servicing the square.  Wildcat Route stops also include the Butler High-Rise, Shawnee Village Apartments, Kroger, and Walmart.  Download the Rides MTD app and track the status of your bus real-time with Rides Mass Transit District and the Wildcat Route starting March 1, 2023.  Still wanting door-to-door service? No problem. Ask your dispatcher or mobility specialist to schedule a ride to take you from your requested pickup spot to your destination. The Marion-Carbondale fixed route service which services John A. Logan College will no longer be accessing Carbondale Walmart, Dollar Tree, or University Mall. Marion fixed route access points will include service to Meadowland Parkway, Aisin, Heartland Regional Medical Center, and the RMTD Park-and-Ride.