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Public Surplus Auction – Various Vehicle Parts in Original Packaging, Valued over $1000

Overstock Parts
Overstock Parts
Archived Procurement

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Procurement Information:

Cleaned out parts room. Found old new stock. Some parts listed have duplicates. All must go!

58622C Chrysler Ashtray Kit,
04864307 Mopar Filter Kit,
207180 A/C Parts,
47762 Oil Seals,
46453 Oil Seals,
315G Universal Joint,
601-1057 Engine Parts,
CR102431 Brake Caliper Assembly,
AB 538 Brake Shoes,
1-3335 Oil Seals,
F107255 Brake Hose,
AF4 Air Filter,
94489 Brakes,
WC13206 Wheel Cylinder,
H6024 Halogen headlights,
9610 Brake Booster,
e4TZ-1107-B Stud Bolts,
701-1575 Low Oil Pressure Switch,
1-226 Automatic Transmission Bushing,
94489 Brake Cable,
E40Z-2884-AX Ford A/C parts,
1-2049 Oil Seal,
643-012 Ford Rear Light Socket,
RR210 Electrical Systems Parts,
702 Brake System Parts,
DR-382 Motocraft Rotor,
1925 Chassis Parts,
ES226ZRL Tie Rod,
T024 Oil Seal,
HD8 Oil Seal,
BR782 Bearings,
MS1039 Rod Bearings,
F772-6B209-AA Tensioner,
BS714R Brake Shoes,
703-1515 Power Steering Cap,
76953 & 76955 Shocks,
Mopar 04707123,
Mopar 1-04720834,
Mopar 4186987,
Everco A/C A8487,
Mopar 1-04567022,
AC spark plugs R44XLS,
Federal Mogul 4250 Seal,
Delco distributor cap E318Z,
Delco Bearings 9440848,
Federated Thermostat 31919,
Napa 207189,
Napa 207191,
Mopar Tie Rod End 03879946,
Napa Thermostat 207541,
Napa SL 213 Stop Light Switch,
Motocraft E6HZ-9365-C,
Mopar Strut Spring 4713590,
Dodge A/C Hose, Delco 15-13263,
Mopar 04531216,
Mopar 04671017,
Mopar 04354158,
Mopar 4397498,
Mopar 4184790,
Mopar 048664307,
Dodge Break Shoes AB242,
Delco Gasket 15-3446,
Napa Wheel Cylinder 17508,
Napa 80837,
Brake Best Brake Shoes 449,
Perfect Circle CB-481-P-10,
Wagner BH F107255,
Wagner Break Hose F106365,
Ford D9HZ-6068-B, Jasper 797115,
Ford 377138-5,
Mopar 04567025AB,
Ford F77Z-6B209-AA

Condition: EXCELLENT

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