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Request for Proposal – Farebox

Archived Procurement

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Request for Proposal - Farebox

Procurement Information:

Rides Mass Transit District (RMTD) invites proposals for manual fareboxes.

Vendors may obtain proposals by visiting or by requesting from

Proposals may be sent digitally to the email below until 11:00 a.m., December 29th, 2017. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Rides Mass Transit District
Attn: Shanna Parmley
Phone: 618-253-8761 ext. 500323

The right is reserved to accept any proposal or part or parts thereof or to reject any and all proposals. Acceptance of any proposal is subject to concurrence by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Although the contract will be executed by RMTD, funding is being provided through operating assistance from the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Public Transportation and the Federal Transportation Administration.

Vendors will be required to comply with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations. Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises are encouraged to participate in any procurement opportunity with RMTD. RMTD shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability in the participation or performance of any resulting contract or agreement.


Minimum Requirements – Proposal Construction

At a minimum, each proposal should contain the following elements:

Technical Requirements

Objectives of Fare Collection System
The fare collection system shall maximize the following as appropriate for the system proposed:

  • Ease of use for riders.
  • Ease of operation for drivers.
  • Ease of maintenance for support staff.
  • Reliability of system performance.
  • Cost effectiveness of operations.

All items not specifically mentioned which are required for a complete unit shall be included in the proposed unit price. Proposers must include pricing for all components of the system. Any equipment to be furnished must be new and in current production. All products shall conform in design, strength, quality of material and workmanship to current industry standards. The system must have a useful service life of twelve (12) years.

It is not the intent of RMTD to create a disadvantage for any vendor. Rides reserves the right to award based on a single proposal or combination of proposals providing the best advantage to the District. Rides encourages vendors to partner or collaborate with each other to produce a system which will meet RMTD’s needs.

Ease of Use

A guiding principle of the fare collection system is ease of use and access for drivers, riders, maintenance, and administrative support personnel. The system should:

  • Easy-to-use and consistent reliability of the system.
  • Reduce hand contact between drivers and the public.

Fare Collection System Features/Specifications.

Basic Fareboxes

Acceptable examples: GENFARE Pacemaker, Diamond rectangular, or similar equivalent models approved by RMTD.

Dimensions will vary by installation and type of vehicle. RMTD operates a range of vehicles:
Cut away models- 14 passenger medium duty Ford, 22-28 passenger medium duty Ford , Chevy
Heavy Duty – 35’ New Flyer

Approximately 35- 50 Fareboxes & substitute vaults

Maximum Dimensions: Height from the floor (including base mounting):36.5”; Cabinet and Fare collection unit: 11” x 11’’.

Must meet ADA requirements

Lighting options 12v.

The Vendor shall provide fully dimensioned scale drawings of the Farebox and base plate showing full views for each side and with the doors and covers both opened and closed.

Mounting brackets and or stanchion options should be included.

Training Requirements

The successful Vendor shall supply training to each designated RMTD personnel who will be responsible for operating the fare collection equipment and training additional users in the proper operations and maintenance of the equipment. Said training shall be conducted at the designated RMTD facilities to include on-the-job training using operational equipment.

Training Deliverables

Training deliverables shall consist of the following:

  • Training Program Plan
  • Training Material
  • Training Feedback Report
Training Material

The Vendor shall furnish RMTD with Operation and Maintenance Manuals in accordance with this section. Manuals shall cover all aspects of the furnished equipment. Each manual shall contain a complete description of the equipment including theory of operation, service and maintenance documentation, such that RMTD’s skilled maintenance staff may conduct field and shop repairs with minimal reliance upon factory maintenance technicians.

Warranty, Maintenance, and Spare Parts


The warranty for the fare collection system, including fare collection boxes, spares, and any related equipment subsequently acquired as a direct result of this procurement shall be warranted for a period of one (1) year in regular service.

Vehicle Installation and Acceptance

The successful Vendor shall supply training for RMTD maintenance personnel and materials required for the proper installation of fare boxes. All training and installation shall be performed at RMTD facilities. The Vendor shall assist RMTD in identifying the optimum position for the fare box and its components, taking into consideration:

  • Ease of passenger movement/access
  • Operator ergonomics
  • Compliance with the requirements of the ADA

Required Forms and Certifications – The proposer must indicate its compliance with certain Federal and state executive orders, laws, statutes, and regulations to be considered for award:

  • RMTD DBE Form
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification
  • Debarment Certification
  • Lobbying Certification
  • Checklist
  • Cost Proposal Form

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