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Archived Procurement

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Request for Proposals: Help Desk Services

Procurement Information:

Announcement: October 1, 2020

Project Description: Rides Mass Transit District (RMTD) invites you to submit proposals to assist with help desk functions and staffing, PC or other computing device deployment, administration and support, printer maintenance, technical support of moves, adds and changes, application troubleshooting and support of office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other common district-wide applications.
The intent in soliciting proposals is to obtain cost savings and to allow for a competitive process while maintaining an acceptable level of quality, expertise, and staff availability for these critical IT service functions within the district.

Vendor full-time equivalent (FTE) shall be off-site with availability to help on-site if needed. Vendor will answer help desk calls, routed to the vendor’s facility, and provide support to RMTD users, following an established escalation path to resolution. Vendor staff shall work with RMTD’s help desk and be deployed for field technical service functions as needed. Vendor staff complements and partners with existing RMTD staff.

Evaluation: This is a best value procurement and awards will be made on the combination of price and qualifications.

Proposal Deadline: November 2, 2020

Proposal Request: All requests should be submitted by email to the Procurement Coordinator:

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