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Rider Handbook

Passenger Behavior

 Rides Mass Transit District requires all passengers to be courteous and considerate of other passengers and the driver.  Instructions from a driver are to be followed by all passengers.  Behavior that may affect the safety of other passengers, the driver, or creates an inappropriate or hostile environment for others will not be tolerated.  Inappropriate behavior, conditions, or actions such as eating, drinking, use of tobacco products, foul language, lack of personal hygiene, threatening or disruptive behavior, bothering of other passengers, horseplay, fighting, carrying of weapons, possession of illegal drugs or substances or having open containers of alcohol on the vehicle may result in you being suspended from riding Rides vehicles and you may be reported to local law enforcement.  RMTD management will investigate incidents and determine appropriate action.  RMTD management reserves the right to suspend or terminate future transportation service to anyone.

Appeals or requests for further assistance with the appeals process should be directed to:

Rides Mass Transit District
Attn: Adam Lach, CEO
1304 Frank Leberman Drive
Harrisburg, IL  62946
(618) 253-8761

Decisions by RMTD management with regard to this policy may be appealed in writing to the District Board of Directors.  Decisions by the RMTD Board are final.

Passenger Complaints

 Rides Mass Transit District strives to offer safe, affordable and on time service.  All RMTD personnel should be friendly and courteous at all times.  If you found your service experience did not meet expectations, you may contact Administration for problem resolution.

RMTD Administration
1304 Frank Leberman Drive
Harrisburg, IL  62946
1-877-667-6119 or (618) 253-8761

Designated Stops

Rides has established shelters and designated stops at many shopping centers, hospitals, colleges, and residential areas through out the district.  To board a bus at a designated stop, passengers do not need to call ahead.  See the brochure enclosed in your rider packets for route information, or you may call your local dispatch office for schedules and times.

Door-to-Door Service

RMTD provides door-to-door service for frail, elderly and/or passengers with disabilities.  Door-to-door means that drivers assist you from your home and assist you back to your door in a safe manner.

All able bodied passengers are given curb-to-curb service meaning you are picked up in front of your home and delivered in front of your destination.

RMTD drivers are required to assist passengers to and from the bus, on and off the bus, and assist with adaptive equipment.  Drivers are required to secure passenger wheelchairs and assist with packages.  Customers are not allowed to operate the lift or secure wheelchairs.

Escorting Passengers

Occasionally we have passengers that need special attention while they are on the bus or when they arrive at their destination.  Because of this we allow an escort to accompany the passenger, who needs/requires special attention at no charge.  Only one non-paying escort is allowed per passenger.

Escorts are only allowed when you cannot make the trip without an escort accompanying you.


  • In the case of a spouse being the escort who would find it necessary to bring a small child along.
  • A spouse accompanying a passenger, when necessary, even though an aide from a nursing home or other agency might be along. This should be approved on a case by case basis with the supervisor documenting the rationale behind their decision

Package Pick Up

RMTD provides a limited package pick-up for the elderly and/or customers with disabilities.  This shall be done only on existing runs and shall be charged as a one-way trip.  RMTD will not be responsible for payment of the package.   You must make prior payment arrangements.  RMTD drivers will not handle cash or checks for passengers.

RMTD reserves the right to limit the weight and size of an article to be transported.  If the article will interfere with the normal access of passengers, RMTD may refuse to transport the package.  This generally applies to articles in excess of 50 pounds or eight (8) cubic feet in size.

RMTD assumes no responsibility for damage, breakage, or loss of parcels.

Passenger Attire

For health as well as social reasons, you must wear appropriate attire when accessing an RMTD vehicle.  Proper attire includes shirts; pants, shorts, skirts; and foot covering, such as shoes, sandals, or socks.

Carry on Items

You should not leave carry on packages, bags, or other personal items in a doorway or isle that may cause the driver or other passengers to trip.  Your personal items should be secured in such a way to allow the driver to move freely; not block windows or emergency exits; and protect riders from injury if carry on packages fall or shift.

Rides does not allow common items such as gas cans, or flammable items such as gasoline or propane on the bus.  All packages and articles such as book bags, lunch boxes, etc. are subject to search for safety reasons.

Smoking and Eating on Revenue Vehicles

There shall be absolutely no smoking on RMTD vehicles at any time.  You may not eat or drink on vehicles except when riding on lengthy trips where you may not be physically able to leave the vehicle to consume food or drink.  In that case, the driver shall leave the vehicle parked until you have finished your food and/or drink.  Under no circumstances is the vehicle to be in motion.

Passenger Use of Electronic Devices and Musical Instruments

While riding an RMTD vehicle, radios, tape players, CD players or other electronic entertainment devices may only to be used with headphones. You must maintain the volume at levels that cannot be heard by other passengers. You may not play musical instruments on a RMTD vehicle.

Entering Customers Home

Providing door-to-door service does not require that drivers enter your home.  However, on occasion, it may be necessary that a driver enter the home of an elderly or an individual with disabilities to aid them in boarding or leaving the bus safely.  Entering a home shall be solely for the purpose of escorting and shall not involve aid in dressing, etc.  If you require a driver to enter your home for escort, you must contact dispatch to arrange for this special service.

Delivering groceries – a driver may enter your home to place your packages or groceries where they are more readily accessible.  If it is necessary for a driver to do this, they should exit the home as soon as possible.

Receiving Tips and Gifts From Customers

RMTD employees are prohibited from accepting tips or gifts or any other goods from you, which may, in any way, be construed as an attempt on behalf of the giver to elicit or solicit business favoritism.

RMTD employees and board members may accept promotional items such as pins, buttons, caps, mugs, and other “gifts” which are clearly inexpensive advertising memorabilia.  Such items should have a retail value of no more than ten ($10.00) dollars.

RMTD Regular and College Passes

 The discounted fare is provided by State and Federal transit funding sources.  Agencies and state funded programs are not eligible for this reduced fare.

If you are enrolled in Medicaid or other state sponsored services you must utilize those resources for transportation.

Senior ID Card

 This discounted fare is provided by State and Federal transit funding, Department of Aging (IIIB), and DHS (Title XX) sources.  This ID card is funding of last resort.  You must use Medicaid or other programs first.

Review RMTD’s ADA Policy here.