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Bus Safety


Rides makes safety a top priority and is always evaluating processes, procedures, and features of our system to improve safety and to adapt to changing safety needs. This section of our website is dedicated to educating the public on some of the safety features and programs that are in place to help ensure we are operating safely and what riders, pedestrians, and motorists can do help ensure their own safety. 

Safety around buses
Be alert around buses so that everyone can arrive safely. 

Attempting to cross the street in front of the bus can be extremely dangerous as oncoming traffic may not see you.  Please wait until the bus has moved away from the stop before you attempt to cross the street and use a marked crosswalk whenever possible. 

Pushing and shoving can cause accidents; please don’t let children play near buses.  If possible hold your child’s hand as the bus approaches. 

Do not run after a bus once it has left the stop; wait for the next bus to arrive. 

Use the handrails inside of the bus when boarding and exiting the bus, moving through the bus, or if standing inside of the bus. 

Do not stand forward of the yellow or white lines at the front of the bus and do not stand in the step well of the exit doors.
Please follow the instructions provided by the Bus Operator or other Rides’ employees.

Weather Emergencies

From blizzards and extreme cold to tornadoes and droughts, we all understand that nature can be unpredictable and uncooperative at times.  During weather related emergencies RMTD staff will be monitoring conditions in order to determine the risks posed to our customers and employees, and at times it may become necessary to suspend service in order to protect people from serious harm.

During those periods where a suspension of service is required RMTD will communicate information to the public through the following channels:

  • Our website at
  • Local news and radio stations
  • Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook

While we will strive to provide as much notice as possible there may be times, such as during a tornado, in which an immediate suspension of service will be necessary.  In these events Rides will resume regular service as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Traveling in the snow

If you are travelling during periods of heavy snow and ice Rides encourages you to plan ahead and include extra time for your trip. 

In areas blocked by snow or ice accumulation please wait back at the sidewalk, at a cleared driveway or at a cleared corner.  DO NOT stand in the street or wait at the top of a snowbank, remain on the sidewalk or the cleared area. 

Remember to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before trying to board. 

Melting snow and ice can make bus floors slippery.  Please hold on to the handrails when boarding, walking through the bus and standing inside of the bus.

Concealed Firearms on Buses

We would like to remind passengers that in accordance with the Concealed Carry laws in the State of Illinois a licensee may not carry a firearm on “any bus, train, or form of transportation paid for in whole or in part with public funds, and any building, real property, and parking area under the control or a public transportation facility paid for in whole or in part with public funds”. 

Please go to for additional details on concealed carry within the State of Illinois.


In the unlikely event that an evacuation is required, it is very important to be calm and listen to announcements or instructions from the Bus Operators and other RMTD personnel.

If you are instructed to exit the vehicle you should locate the nearest accessible exit and look around as you prepare to exit, try to avoid hazards such as fire, smoke, and debris.  Leave behind any heavy or bulky items so that you, and those around you, may exit quickly.

Once clear of the vehicle, move to an area designated by a RMTD employee, emergency responder, or to an area that is upwind of any smoke or debris.

Video Recording and Photography

Rides would like to remind our customers that for the purposes of safety and quality assurance, video and audio recording is taking place on board RMTD buses. 

Photography of RMTD customers and employees on board a RMTD vehicle is not permitted.  Persons interested in taking photographs on board a RMTD vehicle should contact our offices at 618-253-8761.