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Rides Mass Transit District is THE Public Transportation provider for Southeastern Illinois. Wherever you live in our 17-county district Rides can get you where you need to go. Rides can be your portal to regional and national destinations. We can connect you to other forms of mass transit such as rail, air and national bus services.

Rides Mass Transit District is funded in part by the following:

Serving your community and beyond

Rides can be your portal to regional and national destinations. We can connect you to other forms of mass transit such as rail, air and national bus services.

COVID-19 Memo

A Shelter in Place order began Saturday, March 21 throughout Illinois. RMTD is continuing to serve those in need of transportation with access to essential services such as obtaining groceries, food, medicine, other non-emergency medical treatment and to places of employment in other essential industries. Please check with your local operation center for availability when scheduling.

Transportation For America

During a time of uncertainty in our world, many businesses, services and lives overall are being impacted. Transportation is one of those sectors. Please help RMTD and other transportation agencies remain active and help provide you with access to healthcare, essential work and food. Please help show your support by visiting the following website:

What We Do

Rides Mass Transit District is a federally funded PUBLIC transportation system. Service is available to ANYONE needing transportation. Rides provides door to door and established route service. The fleet consists of lift-equipped and ramped vehicles making the system fully accessible.

In addition to our local residential and in district scheduled route services, Rides schedules out of district trips too.

To Schedule a Ride… It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Call your local county operation center.
  2. State your transportation need:
    where you need to be picked up,
    where you need to go,
    what time you need to be picked up and,
    if you need a return trip.
  3. The dispatch staff will schedule your trip for you.
24-Hour Advance Reservations Twenty-four hour advance reservation is suggested. Same day requests may be possible if space permits, but is not guaranteed.

View Bus Routes Online

Did you know you can view our bus routes by county? We are proud to serve the southern Illinois area with comfortable, clean, convenient and cost effective public transportation. Use the menu below to navigate to our routes by county and brochure pages. Large Format and Braille Brochures are available at your nearest Operations Center. You can also request additional translations.


View Fixed Routes

Wondering where the bus is located? Good news! TransLoc Rider is a free application that you can install on your Android or Apple smart devices for real-time tracking at your convenience! TransLoc will allow you to view our fixed route service in Carbondale and manage notification alerts as the buses near your designated stop.

Just visit your Google Play Store on Android or your Apple Store on Apple devices to download the free app. You can also visit to track the routes on your web browser.

All SIUC students can follow the link below to download your QR pass code.


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